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About Us

Field Trips

We plan field trips for the children that are educational, as well as fun. As they are age-appropriate for those children that go, you get the opportunity to go along with the children on our trips if you like as a chaperone. We have gone to the Michigan Capitol, a museum,  a pumpkin farm, a regular farm, a store, a fire department, a police department , different parks, and we've even gone to a zoo!

Tiny Tumblers

Tiny Tumblers is a mobile gym that comes to a location and allows children an opportunity to get 'crazy' in an enclosed, gymnastics environment.

Class Photos

We offer a password protect website to view your child's photographs that have been taken during their busy day at child care. These photographs allow for parents to see their child's developing social and emotional growth. This site also allows for parents to purchase the photographs directly in different sizes by following the sites prompts.

Fund Raisers

From time to time, we offer fund-raising opportunities to allow us to bring more experiences to the children.  These fund-raisers allow the purchase of additional toys, playground equipment, or educational tools to assist us in preparing your child and nurture him or her.

Accepting Gently used toys and clothes for recycling. Parents can help us teach their children about how to "donate" items that can still be used, but are just not wanted or needed any longer.

Child Development
As a Nationally Certified Day Care facility, Tam's Sunshine House offers structured learning environments that are flexible when needed.  Children are taught the things they need to know and help them transition into group settings when needed.
Tams Sunshine House Schoolage Learners
Tams Sunshine House opened evening childcare for school-age children. This will allow children that are going to school to have a tutor at our childcare in the evening while their parents are at work.


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