About Us

Graduation WMU 2015 Tam

Owner and General Manager: Tambra S Craven

Tambra has been operating Tam’s Sunshine House for over 25 years and has graduated from Western Michigan University earning her Bachelor Of Science Degree in FCS/ECE. {ECE – Early Childhood Education}

She is currently enrolled in a related Masters Program at the University of Toledo.

Tams Sunshine House 5 Star Rating

Tam’s Sunshine House was recently awarded a 5-Star Rating by the Michigan Department of Education. This rating is only given to those agencies and operations that meet strict guidelines for Childhood Development. Adherence to these guidelines is audited and observed by trained specialists who visit the site regularly, verify documentation for each child, review the program’s itinerary and schedules, on-site observations during typical workdays and interviews with staff and parents among other things.


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