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Tiny Tumblers Gymnastics Bus

            Tiny Tumblers has been a wonderful and enjoyable activity at the child care. In previous years the Tiny Tumblers Bus comes right to the child care. On a converted school bus is a moveable gym.  Tiny Tumblers is an awesome experience for the children’s large and small motor skills.

            "Once again, I love saying hands-on learning is key. I love seeing the children’s faces when they have learned a new way of doing something. The most memorable Tiny Tumbler moment was when the children learned to walk up a wall feet first.  I thought I was going to laugh all day. The children just kept walking up the walls."

Key Benefits

  • The Tiny Tumblers gym bus is a full size school bus that is completely refurbished inside and out. All of the seats have been removed, leaving an open area of 7 feet by 28 feet long. Outside the bus is cheerfully painted a bright yellow with fun colorful flowers. 

  • The Tiny Tumblers gym bus is a unique and innovative approach to teach pre-school aged children basic motor skills and the sport of gymnastics. They drive our converted school bus to the daycare center, park outside then lead the children on board for a gymnastics class. There is no transportation of any kind involved!

  • Inside the fully carpeted, cushioned bus you will find all of the Olympic apparatus professionally designed for the beginning gymnast. Their equipment includes, balance beam, bar, springboard for vaulting, trapezoid, panel mats, soft steps, incline mats, octagon barrel, mini-trampoline, parachute, zip line, rings, climbing rope and even a trapeze! In the warmer months, they may even bring a fun curvy slide, which attaches to the back door for added fun at the end of the class.


Ages :
Tiny Tumblers begins the wee ones at the age of 18 months and continues through the age of 6 years old. They want to give the all of children in the school the opportunity to participate in such a fun and rewarding program.
Tiny Tumblers introduces the children to all aspects of gymnastics as well as general fitness education and gross motor development. They focus on teaching all of the Olympic events, vault, bars, beam, floor (tumbling) and the still rings. While learning the basics, the children will develop strength, coordination and self-confidence along with body awareness in a fun atmosphere.


Dates :
We are working with Tiny Tumblers and they will become available again as soon as the number of students permit. A minimum number of students is required before we are able to have them come and visit our children. To enroll you child(ren), just fill out the application and we'll let you know when we are scheduling!


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