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            Fundraisers are just one way that Tamís Sunshine House keeps the tuition down for our clients. By having parents help with fundraisers it allows each family a sense of partnership with the child care.  

             The wonderful thing about fundraisers is that no matter how much is raised every little bit helps. The funds raised benefits not just the current children in care but for many years to come. The funds are used 100% for the child care childrenís benefit and nothing else.

    In recent years, we have sold Pizza Hut Coupon books, and selling pre-selected items from catalogs. In the next few weeks we are looking to do a fundraiser selling Cookie Dough!!!! On any of the fundraisers we do, the child care profits 50% of the sale!!!  That means more funds go into more improvements, and more toys and trips for the children!

            Funds in previous years have purchased such wonderful pieces of equipment like a six-seat bye-bye buggy, ride-on toys, puzzles, books, a pop-up fire truck, a pop-up play hut. The bye-bye buggy seats six children and allows  the children to take wonderful nature walks to the Kindleberger Park, Parchment Library or just around the town of Parchment. By having wonderful hands on experiences the children learn more about their environment and not just from inside a car driving around town.

Accepts Gentle used items:

    To help teach the children about saving our environment for tomorrow Tam's Sunshine House has adopted a policy that allows parents to drop off or we can pick them up gentle used toys and children's clothes. Parents can bring these items to child care and we will help them find a new home. Some times these items find a home here at the child care, but sometimes these items go to a child in need who might be just the same size yours use to be. Saving the landfills from receiving these toys and clothes saves space for really garbage. Join us in helping teach the children to recycle and save a tree.  Thank you.


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