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            One of the most enjoyable moments in a young child’s life is field trips. Children are able to see life from a many different ways by going on field trips. Whether it is at Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek or the Kalamazoo Museum children can interact with new experiences they may never have been exposed to in their life.

            At Tam’s Sunshine House we encourage parent involvement with all of our field trips. As a working parent, it can be very hard to take the time off work to attend such outings. Yet, parents need to remember field trips are part of development of social skills and nurturing that development is a full time job.

            We believe that children remember better if they get to try things in a hands-on atmosphere. Children learn by going places, seeing new faces, and experiencing first hand that Mummy at the Museum.

            Children attend field trips with parent permission’s slips. If you choose not to have your child attend event you may need to find other child care for that day depending on the attendance for the whole day.

             Children routinely go on outings to local stores to help them learn about their community outside of child care. The children love going to the local stores to pick out groceries and supplies for the whole child care. This is also an excellent time to speak about good manners and healthy food choices. By giving the children the opportunities to go out into the community the children see the benefits by being “good shoppers”.

             Children love to go on walks either to the park, by the river to see the geese, or to see the wild squirrels play at the Middle School. The children love climbing into their six-seat bye-bye buggy to go riding around town. It doesn’t matter to children if you walk one block or four miles they love seeing all the different colored houses and the wild birds.  By walking you promote conversations you may not have had if you are involved in driving on a busy street. 

            Going to Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek, Michigan,  has always been a favorite field trip. The children love going to Africa. They enjoy the fact they can feed the animals and ride the tram to Africa. The experience always seems to linger for many months.  We can be driving up Barney Hill and I will here the words….”we just left Africa…we are in the deep jungle now…..” any tree covered area becomes another land. The children's imagination is enhanced by the field trips and can never be measured, except in their little faces, and the loads of smiles. 

            Any field trips to fire and police departments have always been done with the help of our wonderful parents who have worked in that department. Having the chance to have a parent explain their job is always a pleaser for both the children and the parents.



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