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Child Development

A child’s development can be changed with the right opportunities.

             In our child care, we encourage independence, pride, and acceptance for ones inner self. Each child has their own personal cubby with their name on it. Children are allowed to bring anything they need to make them feel welcome and secure at child care. We encourage them to speak freely and to give everyone a chance to have to voice an opinion no matter what their age.

            In our child care program, we have various activities that we move around on a daily bases both inside and outside for gross motor skills and development levels. we encourage daily activities that challenge the children’s minds. By having them work in small group sizes they learn to work together to find creative ways to outsmart any challenge.

            In our child care program, we use teachable moments to explain any from hurt feelings or how to cross a street. Recently, on a walk to the store one on the children asked if the cars had to stop at the light.  So for the next fifteen minutes we sat on some rocks at the corner watching the lights turn red, yellow, green waiting for the cars to stop then go with the right color of the light.  We must admit it was funny to see these little kids pointing at the cars that stopped and then, took off on the color green. Yet, the next time we crossed at that light the children crossed with more confidence knowing that the colors meant something to those big metal cars.

            We believe children should have hands-on experiences as much as possible. Having the same consent caregivers allow children to feel safe and secure in their environment. With that said, your child’s interests should be explored as much as possible when you are able. If a child loves to look for bugs then, work with them to find a bug.

            We strive to develop a relationship with both the child and the parents. we maintain a friendly, open-door, and cooperative relationship with each family in our child care program.  we encourage each family to volunteer with our child care program. Having the children’s families involved with the child care, sends a positive message to the child that everyone cares about their emotional and social development.


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