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About Us

Our Mission:

Tam's Sunshine House is dedicated to the growth and well-being of our students.  Our students are treated the way you would want them to be treated, with kindness and understanding. 

We strive to bring our students beyond what you would expect from a 'cookie-cutter' facility.  We are warm and approachable to the children, giving them encouragement, and the desire to improve and grow!

Our Profile:

Tam's Sunshine House is a Local, State, and Nationally certified Day-Care facility that care for children, regardless of race, color, ethnic origin, religion, or any other thing that someone can discriminate against. A child is just that to us. A child. We see no difference, and that is how we run our school.


Our Schools:

Tam's Sunshine House is conveniently located on a bus line for the Parchment Public School District, and a Bus Stop is located within 5 feet of our Child Care Home. Bus service for both North, Northwood and Central Elementary is provided by the Parchment schools right to our door. 

The Closest Head Start Program is located Parchment.

Tam's Sunshine House will also pick up and drop-off children to local Kalamazoo Elementary schools Please ask about this during your interview!




Tam's Sunshine House: Where Kids Can be Kids

****Certified and Accredited By the Great Start Program as a 4 Star Program!

****KC Ready 4 Site Approved site for Early Childhood Educational Preschool

****Over 900 hours of training in Early Childhood Education

****Licensed Child Care program  through The State of Michigan. Our ID# is DG390067760 

****All caregivers are trained in CPR and First Aid. 

****Written contracts for parents 

****Parent Handbooks 

****Smoke Free environment 

****Fenced play areas

What Do We Offer for Children?

A balance between quiet play and active activities. With creative learning, open-child development play and a safe, loving environment that allows all children to grow and mature at their own pace.

We offer this “Sample” schedule of what might occur on a given day: 

Arrival - Child arrives at facility

Breakfast - Children can't think straight without nutrition.  We offer them a breakfast similar to what 'big' kids get at school.

Activity time - It starts getting fun here.  We learn about group participation games, stories, crafts, a little stretching, arts, and more.

Outside play - The best part of a day!  Outside where the big toys are! Woo-hoo!

Lunch - Time to eat lunch. Again, similar to schools.  But there is a big difference.  We prepare the food ourselves, and not from some condensed food packages either.

Nap time - After lunch, the little ones tend to get a little sleepy, so off to nap time.  No one shares a pillow or blanket here. We keep the bedding separated, just in case.

Snack time - Time to get the kids up and going! A snack is nice.

Free time - Time for inside or outside play, or even field trips. Who knows what the children will do.

Outside play - Back to the great outdoors.. Weather permitting of course!

Dinner  - The day wears down, and the children need to eat.  We take care of that with home cooking here too!

Free play  - More fun to play however they want.. So long as the children follow the rules and share..

Snack time - Let's wind them up for the trip home!

Departure - Alas, the day ends.  The children by now are exhausted and are ready for bed.. uh.. mostly. (smile)


All Schedules are subject to change based on weather, number of children, season, or other factors.

What do you need to enroll your child?

You will need to complete a few short forms…. 

       1. Child information card

       2. ADC Food Program forms

       3. Release for trips around town

       4. Receipt for Handbook and State Licensing book

       5. Copy of your child’s shot record

       6. A small questionnaire about your child.

       7. Your fee for child care services or your approval letter for

            childcare payments from FIA/DHS/NACCRRA

          8. Call today for an appointment! 

 Call 1-269-349-2151 ask for Tam

Emergency Care/Drop In Care Need #1, #4, #5, #7 Call today

if you need Emergency care for your child or children!



Tam's Sunshine House is affiliated with Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo Michigan.


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