May 2021

welcome to another new month!

I cannot believe it is already May!

Time has flown by so quickly! We have been in a race to get our outside areas up and running for the children. This May we are taking some training on creating new environments for play outside. We look forward to sharing those ideas with the children.

Hopefully, this summer will not be a field with lots of cold rainy days. But if so, we are planning for them now with lots of cool new activities for our little ones.

This month we will welcome another sibling into the group and later this year 2 more new siblings will be us. No worries, we have everything planned out and are ready for them. Nothing new here. Our family always has room for one more our mom used to say, "So, pull up a chair and let us all have fun and make some great memories together!"

Please let us know your plans for your vacation time this summer as soon as possible. We are trying to make activity plans for the children.

Have a great month!

Ms. Tam, Ruth and Gina

2021 ~we will be deviating from our normal magnet schedule.

May 31st-June 4 Closed for Tam’s Vacation

July 5th Closed for Celebration of July 4th

September 3rd -6th Closed for Labor Day

November 24st -28th Closed for Thanksgiving

December 24th-January 2nd Tam’s Vacation Closed

2022 scheduling is being figured out now………

January TBA

February TBA

March TBA

April 15th Closed for Good Friday

May 30th-June 3rd Closed for Tam’s Vacation

June TBA

July 4-5th closed for Celebration of July 4th

August TBA

September 2nd-5th Closed for Labor Day

October 10th Closed for the Holiday

November 23- 27th Closed for Thanksgiving

December 24- January 2, 2023 Tam’s Vac. Closed

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