February 2021

welcome to another new month!

There has been a lot of buzz about more grant money for families and childcare programs.

At this point we have not heard anything. I will fill out anything grant forms that will benefit our programs and our families.

Have a great month!

Ms. Tam

9 Tips To Teach Your Toddler To Talk

1. Teach your toddler in 2-word pieces: any more than 2 words your child has stopped listening to you.

2. Make the most times when she wants something the most.

3. Make him ask for everything!

4. After a whole, start stringing two-word phrases together to make sentences.

5. Make exaggerated moth movements she can SEE.

Examples of Daily Speech Development Tips

6. When you are carrying her around and she gets squirmy, don’t just put her down. Make her ask for it. Say: “Say, Get. (pause for 2 seconds) Down.” Offer big praise when she makes any attempt to say two words, then let her down.

7. When she wants her sippy cup of milk in the morning and she is reaching for the counter and grunting for you to hand it to her, say: “Say, “Cup. (pause for 2 seconds) Please.” Offer big praise when she asks and give her the cup.

8. Do #6 and #7 – not 2 or 3 times throughout the day, but ALL-DAY LONG. It takes very little extra effort on your part and the return on investment with your child’s speech is huge!

9. Before handing your child a toy, emphasize the consonant sound that the toy starts with or the sound that it makes if applicable. For instance, if you are handing your son his favorite toy truck, say: “Trucks go Vvvvrrrmm Vvvrrrmm! Say, Vvvrrrmm. Vvvrrrmm.” Once he’s made a solid attempt to make the vroom sound, give him the toy.

2021 ~we will be deviating from our normal magnet schedule.

March 8th Monday Closed Training

May 31st-June 4 Closed for Tams Vacation

July 5th Closed for Celebration of July 4th

September 3rd -6th Closed for Labor Day

November 24st -28th Closed for Thanksgiving

December 24th-January 2nd Tams Vacation Closed

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