Hello November 2020!

Attention Tam’s Sunshine House families

COVID-19 is still hanging around! Our brave faces
are now covered with a mask daily and we just keep
moving forward. It has been a long Summer and the
crisp Fall air is here.

Tams Sunshine House is still committed to helping
limit the effects of COVID-19. Please know that we
are keeping those affected by coronavirus (COVID-
19) in our thoughts while we closely watch the
evolving situation as it pushes into another season.
Please be mindful of traveling this holiday season as
we are making sure all of our plans are COVID safe.

The State of Michigan came out with a final
Grant which I am required to use the funds to
make COVID Enhancements which is why we
have been receiving UPS all last week. I placed
our orders from Kaplan and Lakeshore in
advance knowing that our funds are now in the
cue for payment.

Again, I am keeping my eyes open for any and
all grant funds that become available to enhance
our program and help our families in any way.

We will be closed the week of 11/23/20-11/28/2020

for the Thanksgiving Break! Stay Safe!

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