Screening Policy

Attention Parents:

Due to the level of potential exposure to COVID-19 that because we all have been deemed “Essential Workers”; MDHHS has requested that all child cares limit the amount of additional exposure to the facilities. One way we have chosen to implement this is by allowing parents into the entry way porch but not into the second house door to the main facility without screening. You will be meant and greeted at that door and your child’s temperature taken to help evaluate their health and yours. Once your child’s health has been deemed within the MDHHS standards you may then leave for the day. If you child has any of the following they will not be admitted to care for the day and until they are clear of any symptoms below: This will be strictly enforced~

The screenings criteria includes:

· Symptoms of a respiratory infection,

· such as fever of 100.1 degrees Fahrenheit or higher,

· severe cough and/or shortness of breath unrelated to a chronic condition.

· Visual signs runny nose, tiredness, or any visual signs of distress

“Dr. London of the Kent County Health Department said people with a fever would not be allowed to enter a childcare facility until they have been fever-free for 72 hours without the use of medications, seven days have passed since the onset of severe coughing and/or breathing difficulties, and symptoms have improved.” (WWMT 3).

· Tams Sunshine House will now be using Dr. London’s recommendations throughout the remainder of this outbreak. Our policy on Temperature remains the same 100.1 or greater is not permitted.

· We ask that parents enter onto our porch and get their child ready to come into the program

· We will take a quick forehead temperature to verify that the child is fever-free.

· We ask that parents do not enter into the main house without having been screened themselves. The house screen door will be locked for everyone safety. If this is an issue, please speak with Ms. Tam

Thank you for your help,

Ms. Tam

**Per State of Michigan Executive orders 2020-16-21 and MDHHS

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