On A Serious Note

We’ve all seen the shortages on toilet paper and cleaners just in case. We’ve last heard the devastation in other countries. We’ve all seen shelves empty for the first time in our lives with the exception of a short term weather-related occurrence.

We’ve bantered back and forth about it’s a cold, it’s a flu and quit panicking. We’ve seen the comments about hoarding toilet paper and masks causing the current problem. We’ve seen the stock market go up and down like a roller coaster and causing issues.

While we hope for the best and prepare for the worst with this unknown virus remember to be kind to others. Remember to keep it together even when we might feel like falling apart. It’s who we are as Parents and Child care Providers. We have perfected skills to lead children to safety during tornadoes calmly. We’ve learned to stay calm during inspections in our workspaces while falling apart on the inside. We’ve dealt with illnesses.

We’ve probably all ran all the scenarios in our heads a million times. What if we can’t get toilet paper because the toilet paper factory is behind. What if we are in forced closure for 3 weeks? What if a family comes in with it? What if we get it? What if we have to start over? So many questions and no answers.

We can all do this as Parents and Child Care Providers together. We will have another experience to share and encourage others how we got through it. If nothing happens we can share the experiences of not having to buy toilet paper for a year and how everyone learned to wash hands. Then we can all look at each other and be in shock that in 2020 we had to show people how to wash hands properly.

Stay safe. Watch for “allergies.” Keep us posted on how everyone is doing. ❤️ But the bottom line is Wash your hands, Clean surfaces regularly, be smart if someone just came into the country from vacation maybe you should not hang out with them for 14 days! Be Smart because no one likes being told at the door “sorry your child is too sick to come to child care today”

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