About Us


Owner and General Manager: Tambra S Craven

Tambra has been operating Tam’s Sunshine House for over 25 years.


From Tam:    

Tam’s Sunshine House is undergoing many changes to bring you current and up-to-date information and details about our offerings and us.

Please be patient while we undertake this task, and if you need to contact us, please, use our e-mail address:  tamssunshinehouse1994@hotmail.com

(You might need to copy the Email address and paste it into your Email program)

Here at Tam’s Sunshine House, it is our goal that children can learn and grow on their terms in a natural play environment guided by caring professionals who are here every day waiting on them to arrive.

Tams Masters Degree
Graduation WMU 2015 Tam

University of Toledo

Tambra  graduated from the University of Toledo earning her Master Of Education Degree {Special Education in Early Childhood Education} in 2018

Western Michigan University

Tambra  graduated from Western Michigan University earning her Bachelor Of Science Degree in FCS/ECE. {ECE – Early Childhood Education} in 2015

Kellogg Community College

Tambra graduated from Kellogg Community College earning her Associate’s Degree of Applied Science in Early Childhood Development on December 21, 2009

Sunshine House Credentials

Accreditation 2020
Tams Sunshine House 5 Star Rating

National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) is designed to help child care providers who work in family child care to show their commitment to the profession. This accreditation is given to providers once they have completed a self-study, application and request an on-site observation.

A child care provider must have 90 hours of training each time they renew their accreditation with 45 hours must be gained from advance course work such as college courses.

Additionally,  a provider must meet all their states current licensing guidelines and participate in the states highest rating system such as the Stars platform for Michigan.

An observation takes place where a provider’s program is observed for 4 to 5 hours and a question/answer afterwards is completed. NAFCC process all the materials and decides where or not to grant the award.

Tams Sunshine House has
been granted it 4 times since first applying.

The State of Michigan licensing is granted and renewed every 2 years.

The opposite year is considered an interim inspection and all visits are unannounced.

Tam’s Sunshine House was recently awarded a 5-Star Rating by the Michigan Department of Education. This rating is only given to those agencies and operations that meet strict guidelines for Childhood Development. Adherence to these guidelines is audited and observed by trained specialists who visit the site regularly, verify documentation for each child, review the program’s itinerary and schedules, on-site observations during typical workdays and interviews with staff and parents among other things.